Sunday, February 7, 2010


The postcast that I selected was about the use of ipods in education. I thought this podcast would be interesting because I have always used my ipod solely for entertainment. I have never thought it could be used in education. Using the ipod for education can be better than a laptop. Most children have an ipod or can use their parents. They are also cheaper than laptops if your school can afford them.
There are many things that you can do with the ipod. You can download audiobooks so your students can listen to novels instead of reading them. Audiobooks will save your spot if you are in the middle of a chapter and you can also change the listening speed. You can also create quizzes and flashcards for your class using the iquiz function. The Brain Game is also available for the ipod. You can also create podcasts for your class and download videos from youtube to the student's ipods.
My favorite feature is the iquiz feature. It is a good tool to help your students review class material. The quizzes have fun graphics and you can create your own especially for your class. The flashcard option is useful too. It puts all your flashcards in one place and makes them portable so your students can review anywhere!

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